My View on Man-made Beauty 我对人造美的看法

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As people are becoming moreconscious of their appearance, man-made beauty beings to emerge. Some peopleare strongly opposed to beautifying one’s image by surgeries. They believe thatoutside beauty doesn’t matter so much and inner beauty is more important thanthat. But I don’t think so and I insist that man-made beauty confirms to thehuman nature of loving beauty.


I have two reasons to support my view. Onthe one hand, everyone loves beautiful things and physical beauty makes onemore presentable, thus boosting one’s self-confidence. Moreover one’sappearance really counts on many occasions. For example, in the interviewsespecially for the posts of secretaries, administrative assistance, and publicrelations ladies, interviewees with good looking have an advantage over thosewith plain looking. On the other hand, the surgeries can beautify the peoplewith defects and free them of discrimination. For instance, many people withinborn disfigured faces or burned skin are able to come out of the darkness andinto the light by means of cosmetic surgery.


From the foregoing, a natural conclusion canbe drawn that beautifying oneself by surgeries conduces to the buildup of one’sconfidence and the rebirth of the defective people and that the appearance ofman-made beauty is indicative of the progress of the society.