Missing my grandfather

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      It has been a long time since my grandfather left me, but his smile is still clear to me.

      It was 6 years ago that grandfather passed away because of a serious disease. Only then did I realize how important my grandfather was to me.

      I lived with my grandfather until he died. In my memory, I felt much happier than any other child. I still remember when I got the first place, my grandfather would take me to the restaurant in town to have a feast or buy me a gift. I was so happy at that time when I stayed with him.

      When my school held parents’ meetings, it was my grandfather who attended them every time. I always saw smiles on his face when he heard my teacher praise me. I knew my grandfather was proud of me.

      He never criticized me even if I caused some trouble. When I was sad, he would give me lots of help and told me some stories to educate me. Though he was dead, I always dream about him. In a dream, we walked along the street, and I held his hand and said “Grandpa, tell me a story.” Then, he touched my head gently and told me an inspiring story.

      I love my grandfather and I miss him very much. No matter how old I am, I know it’s my grandfather who gave me a lot of help in my life.